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'Khan!' by Sue Demetriou
❝ The restless spirit never loses its wings. If sometimes it cannot fly, it is because during those moments the sky vanishes. ❞

— R.N. Prasher (via observando)


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Wow. What a day…
2014 Hurley Pro Round 3, 4 & 5 Highlights HERE
Surfer | Kelly Slater
Photo | aspworldtour

"Golden Tears" by Gustave Klimt

Banff National Park - Peyto Lake Sunrise (by softclay)

Lovers always
seem to forget
the world,
their parents,
and a decent time to sleep—
just to touch each other
between the legs.

And in all honesty,
what else is there to do
on a scorching day,
when the leaves
are falling,
and everything
reminds you of decay?

a private celebration - j.b. (via youshouldacceptchaos)

Show us how you #livenature! On October 5 at 2pm, join your fellow instagrammers and TNC staff on an exploration of Bear Island at Great Falls National Park in Potomac, Maryland. Please RSVP! Visit the link in our profile!